Is This The End of Tuscany?

The Geothermal Plant in Larderello, Tuscany

The Geothermal Plant in Larderello, Tuscany


The cloud-white plumes of smoke in Larderello sometimes seem to bring hell in Tuscany. Since the beginning of the last century, a Geothermal Plant has exploited the heat from the ground to pump up energy in the area. Some believe it’s a disaster setting off an ecological time bomb for future generations. On the other hand, others believe that geothermal energy is a safe alternative to fossil fuel.

The issue is controversial. Environmentalists decry the presence of the plant as a health hazard for the land and its inhabitants. Despite this grim scenario, in recent years this area of Tuscany has been enjoying a new revival. School trips and geothermal tourism are on the rise in Larderello. Tens of thousands of students and tourists have flocked to the area to learn more about geothermal power.

If you are a risk-taking sort of a person, perhaps you could pop over to Larderello and see for yourself. In fact, the place is close to Maremma one of the most breath-taking areas in Tuscany.